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Lisa Schoenberger for Millard School Board

Hello there! I'm Lisa Schoenberger, candidate for the Millard Public Schools Board of Education. I am running because I believe we have something truly special here in Millard, and I believe education is the most important investment we make as a community. I want to ensure that my children and every child in Millard is empowered to be the best version of their unique self. I want them confident and ready to use the knowledge, skills and talent developed here to take on the challenges of their next chapter in life. Read more below or reach out, I'm here to listen.

About Lisa

I was raised just outside of Omaha and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I earned Bachelors degrees in Advertising and Spanish. My husband Corbin and I purchased our first home right here in Millard because we liked the idea of an educational experience for our children that felt similar to the ones we had in our small towns growing up. We have since welcomed two daughters, the oldest of whom is enrolled in a pre-K program at MPS. Both of our daughters were born prematurely, so we have been keenly aware of their developmental milestones, and we were exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to have our oldest evaluated by Millard’s Early Childhood Special Education team. The knowledge, care and compassion they have invested in our daughter has been a game-changer for her, and have motivated me to become more involved in making sure all children have access to these opportunities. I am honored to be serving my first term on the Learning Community Coordinating Council, elected to represent the Millard area and advocating for educational opportunities for our littlest learners, especially in areas with high concentrations of poverty. As chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee and member of the Budget, Finance & Audit Committee, I have become very adept at balancing the needs of our children and maintaining effective stewardship of taxpayer dollars. In my spare time I enjoy supporting local Omaha restaurants and re-watching old episodes of Parks & Recreation.

My Vision for Millard Public Schools

Continued Access to High-Quality Early Childhood Education Programs

Study after study has proven the benefit of high-quality early childhood education programs for lifelong educational outcomes. They aren’t just a good investment for the children and families involved, there are numerous benefits for the community as well. The Buffett Early Childhood Institute says that for every $1 invested in early childhood education programming, we save $7 in the cost of educating that child through high school, increasing to as high as $12 for at-risk students. The importance of services for children ages birth through 5 is gaining national attention, and I believe Millard has a strong infrastructure in place to increase access to these services for families and children who need them most and be outstanding stewards of additional federal investments in this critical component of education. 


Leverage Community Partnerships to Prepare for Life After Graduation

Many Millard Public Schools graduates go on to further their education by attending college or university. I believe MPS has excellent programs in place to help those students earn credits through Metropolitan Community College, making their post-secondary education significantly more affordable. A college career is a great option for many, but not for all. Workforce shortages, especially in health care and skilled trade professions, are significant across the country, and leveraging programs and community partnerships already in place to scale career academies can help students find gainful employment before they even graduate high school. Continuing to evaluate, expand and identify new opportunities for partnership will assist students in discovering new career options, especially in high-demand industries. 


Attract, Recruit, Train and Retain a World-Class Team

I believe wholeheartedly that the reason Millard Public Schools is outstanding is due to the hard work of an amazing team. Especially throughout the pandemic, Millard administrators, teachers and staff members stepped up to the plate for our students in unprecedented ways. I am committed to supporting their health and well-being so that they can continue to do what they love: create outstanding educational experiences for our children. I believe we need to ensure that our entire team feels fairly compensated, has access to resources for physical and mental health and sees investment in their career development. I want to make sure that our support staff members such as paraprofessionals, food service team members and custodial staff are compensated commensurate with the critical role they play on the educational team.  


A Strong, Kind, Productive School Community

I believe that our children grow and learn best in an environment that is safe, collaborative and kind. I believe every member of the Millard community has a role to play in maintaining that environment, whether they are a staff member, a parent or guardian, a taxpayer or a neighbor. Millard has thrived over the years because of that investment, and I pledge to do whatever it takes to maintain it. Input from a variety of stakeholders is key to creating the best opportunities for our children, and remaining respectful and kind even when we disagree is critical to helping model that behavior for our students. I am fiercely committed to non-partisan decision making, always keeping the best interests of our students, staff and community at the heart of that effort. I believe #BeKind starts from the top and am committed to being that example for Millard students. 


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